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Microsoft is advertising in The Washington Post to let people know that it is okay with unions

We’re starting a new year with the same resolve as before: to provide the greatest possible workspaces for those who earn their livelihood in the IT industry. Employees, shareholders, and clients all win when labour and management negotiate together.

More than 300 workers at Microsoft’s ZeniMax Media studios have used their right to unionise. This follows the Communications Workers of America and Microsoft’s new, ground-breaking rules for maintaining a neutral stance toward labour unions. In 2023, we’re aiming towards having the same concepts and agreement apply to Activision Blizzard, which Microsoft wants to buy.

No, we aren’t requesting that the FTC disregard any concerns about potential monopolisation. In contrast, we think it’s vital to look at options that safeguard competition and consumers while still prioritising the requirements of employees, economic expansion, and American ingenuity.

We think this was the motivation for the FTC’s creation by Congress in 1914.