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Matter-over-Thread is coming to Echo devices this spring, according to Amazon

Amazon said last month that it was working on adding Matter compatibility to its devices in stages. As of late, the business has also stated that Matter-over-Thread functionality will be available later in the year.

According to The Verge, Amazon said this spring will bring Matter-over-Thread capability to Echo devices. In addition, the business will include Matter control and Thread border routing into the Echo 4th generation smart speaker.

Thread is a low-power wireless technology used by many makers of smart homes; it is based on the Zigbee standard. Learn more about it right here.

Amazon has stated that it would enable credentials sharing for Thread as the implementation progresses. This should help prevent the issue of several Thread networks being established when multiple border routers from various manufacturers fail to communicate to one other.

According to Matt Davidson, senior product manager of Matter at Amazon, an update has been released that allows users to share their credentials.

The credentials sharing feature simplifies the setup of Matter over Thread compatible smart home devices by facilitating the sharing of Thread credentials between Alexa and developer apps. Our Matter setup flow for Thread devices will allow the user to connect their Thread device to any Thread network in the home (similar to their ability to connect to any Wi-Fi network for Wi-Fi devices) in addition to using the network created by an Echo device (4th Gen).

As was to be predicted, the online retail behemoth has said that it would be extending Matter support to further categories of devices. Amazon has also announced that by spring, all of its Echo and Eero devices that are Matter-compatible would have received software updates to add functionality for the new platform.

Last but not least, Amazon said that the Alexa app would be improved to remember renames made in either the Amazon or manufacturer’s app. As a result, the name you give an Alexa device when you add it will appear in the appropriate manufacturer’s app. In the spring, we’ll release an upgrade for iOS so that you may connect Matter devices.

Since the smart home standard was just released a few months ago, there aren’t a tonne of Matter devices available just now. So, you might not feel the effects of this information right away. The expansion of your smart home will be hampered until more devices become accessible; however, this should be a huge assistance once they become available.