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Lenovo Just Invented the Best Solution to WFH

Working from home may be boring, especially in a cramped flat, which is why Lenovo has introduced a new program that allows staff to work remotely from one of the world’s most remote locations.

The company’s new Work for Humankind initiative will allow volunteers from all around the world to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a lasting impact while working remotely on an island 400 miles off the coast of mainland Chile.

Robinson Crusoe Island will be the site of World Work for Humankind, which is one of the most ecologically rich locations on Earth. The island, however, presently faces a number of issues, including lack of access to education and healthcare.

As a result, the Chilean government and an international non-profit organization called Island Conversation have been running numerous community-driven initiatives to address these challenges over the last decade.

The government’s decision to expand the runway has met with fierce opposition since it would require a massive ecological cleanup, as well as significant community upheaval. Nevertheless, these efforts have been hampered by telecommunications and technology restrictions, which is why Lenovo has chosen to intervene and establish a technological center on the island.

Job for the Planet

Work for Humankind will deploy a small team of professionals with a variety of talents, backgrounds, and specialties to Robinson Crusoe to assist the local community and preserve endangered species while continuing to work from home.

Lenovo plans to build a cutting-edge technology center with a variety of gadgets, services, and solutions from its Intelligent Devices Group such as high-speed internet access to assist the island to achieve its objectives.

According to vice president and CMO of Lenovo’s Intelligent Devices Group, Emily Ketchen, the firm has chosen to launch Work for Humanity because:

“Whether it’s due to the life-changing nature of the pandemic, or society’s increased focus on sustainability, people are recognizing the weight of doing good and technology’s role in enabling that. To help us achieve this, we need to work differently, and we’re relying on tech to help us do so. 79% of those surveyed believe technology and tech companies are the most critical factors in enabling people to work from anywhere. Companies like Lenovo can be a powerful catalyst for this change. That’s why we’re launching Work for Humankind, to draw attention to the importance of our individual wellbeing as well as that of our communities, by showcasing how innovation in tech can enable us to achieve both.”

If you’re concerned about the environment and are a remote employee who’s willing to move, you may apply here by December 30 to be one of the island’s lucky volunteers.