It’s been a great first quarter for Rec Room, with 75 million lifetime users and a total of $1 million in creator incentives

More than $1 million was distributed to producers in the first quarter of the social virtual environment Rec Room, which has accumulated 75 million lifetime users since 2016.

On its sixth birthday, Oculus (Rift and Quest), iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam celebrated these accomplishments. 29 million people across the globe are now playing.

As interest in metaverse-like experiences has increased, so has Rec Room’s popularity on mobile devices, growing by 640 percent year over year. After raising $294 million in fundraising since 2016, Rec Room was valued at $3.5 billion in its most recent round of financing in December.

Rec Room has had 75 million users to date.

Rec Room CEO Nick Fajt stated in a statement, “Over the last six years we’ve been consistently astonished by the generosity, humour and ingenuity of our community.” It has become a vital means for millions of people to interact and learn as well as create and earn via Rec Room. We’ve always believed that gaming and user-generated content (UGC) will play a significant part in the future of the internet and the way we communicate. Even though we’re only getting started, we’re thrilled to see where the community and the next six years lead Rec Room. “.

More experiences have been created in Rec Room than there are applications in the iOS App Store.

Throughout the month of February, Rec Room gamers may visit the birthday room to participate in celebrating activities and uncover new in-game rewards. With Rec Room’s Maker Pen design tool, players may stretch their creative muscles to make Parade Floats (without the stickiness of papier-mâché) using the game’s very own Maker Pen design tool.

Cake pops are now available at Rec Room. For the rest of the month, they’ll be accessible for free in the cake pop room, which has already been visited by 377,000 people.