In February, Samsung held an Unpacked event to kick off the new Galaxy S era

Samsung’s next Unpacked event will take place in February, with the new Galaxy S22 devices expected to be unveiled.

“The most notable S series product we’ve ever built,” says Dr. TM Roth, President & Head of MX Business at Samsung Electronics. That’s a strong indication that Samsung’s late Galaxy Note series will be formally merged into the Galaxy S, bringing Samsung’s S-Pen with it.

Until you get too enthusiastic, keep in mind that we’re thinking that only the Galaxy S22 Ultra is big enough and pricey enough to have an integrated S-Pen. Still, we’d love to be proven incorrect and see the Galaxy S Plus and Galaxy S gain wider popularity. One may always hope.

With the phrase “Get ready for the ultimate Ultra experience,” Samsung stresses the Ultra.

The S-Pen is already available to Galaxy S21 Ultra users (picture above; don’t miss our S21 Ultra review), but it is not housed in the phone, and the case used to carry it makes the combination a little cumbersome. Everything should be different next month.

The description of the camera experience in Dr. TM Roth’s blog article is the most intriguing part: “You’ll rule the night with it, shooting the finest and brightest photographs and movies you’ve ever taken with a phone.” You’ll also take control of the day with unrivalled strength, speed, and tools.”

The Galaxy S21 Ultra was regarded as one of the greatest mobile cameras in the United States in 2021, but competition is fierce these days, with Xiaomi and Oppo also offering superb camera technology.

The event has yet to be given an official date, but most speculations put it around February 8, so stay tuned.