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In Chrome, shortcuts are being added to make it simple to look up tabs, bookmarks, and history from the address bar

By adding shortcuts to the address bar, Google is making it simpler to access frequently used features like recently closed tabs, bookmarked pages, and the browser’s history. Start your search for a website by typing @tabs, @bookmarks, or @history.

The ability to search within tabs is perhaps the most useful. Tab search is currently available in Chrome; however, you’ll need to either click the arrow symbol in the bottom right corner to reveal the search bar or keep in mind the Shift + Cmd (Ctrl) + A keyboard shortcut. Using @tab or searching for a tab’s name in the address bar saves time and effort.

If you try to open a tab that you already have open, the address bar will let you know, and you’ll be able to switch to it by selecting “Switch” from the drop-down menu.

You had to access the bookmark supervisor via the bookmark menu in order to perform a search of your saved bookmarks. The new @bookmark shorthand allows you to search within bookmarks. The new @history shortcut may be used in the same way.

Users of next-gen browsers like Arc and SigmaOS are encouraged to have as many tabs running in the background as they like. Users may then rapidly go to these tabs using a keyboard shortcut or the search bar. Chrome’s new shortcuts make it just as easy to reach frequently used features like tabs, bookmarks, and history.