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In an odd poll, Twitter users decided whether Elon Musk should resign

To continue his plot of seizing control of Twitter, Elon Musk has now created a poll asking people if he should resign as CEO.

The new policy, which apparently went into effect over the weekend and prohibits the promotion of other social networks on Twitter (including Mastodon and Instagram), was announced by The Verge.

Several hours later, Musk erased the blogs and tweets and apologised.

But then things took a strange turn: Twitter Support started a poll on whether or not users should be able to post links to other social media sites, and he started a poll about whether or not he should resign.

This tale, which I’ve been following since Musk wanted to acquire the platform in April before putting it on hold in May, is like a horrible movie from the 1990s.

Based on his findings, it seems like.

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There were a total of 17,502,391 votes cast before the poll concluded at 6:20 PT (11:20 GMT) on December 19. 57.9% of respondents felt that he should resign.

His justifications for doing things this way are plausible, but it seems like he’s just playing with people to get their attention. Most of us are no strangers to drama on social networks like Facebook, and Musk is no exception; situations like these have been in the news since since he took control in November.

Whether it’s a response to a notable user or the unbanning of a user like Donald Trump, the news always comes back to Twitter when this happens. Although the site badly needs an update, asking its users if they want to be able to post links to other social networks is a bit much.

Mastodon (opens in new tab) is a lot more fun and interesting than Twitter, which I’ve been using less frequently since since Musk took over. The options we present here are excellent and should be considered if you are searching for substitutes.

Nothing will change regardless of the poll’s outcome, because Musk is well aware that sometimes a lack of response is more effective than a string of tweets.

Plan on spending the time off with loved ones, vegging out in front of awful movies, and indulging in an abundance of chocolatey treats instead.