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I’m thrilled that Zoom will collaborate more closely with one of its biggest competitors

Now, without having to download and instal the Zoom client, Google Meet users can immediately begin participating in Zoom calls from their own devices.

Users of compatible devices can now join Zoom calls, as promised by Google back in October and set for release in late 2022. That is, both Zoom Meetings hosted on Google Meet hardware and Google Meet events hosted in Zoom Rooms.

The good news for businesses that use Google Meet for video conferencing but have to work with other businesses that use Zoom is tempered by a few important caveats.

Make Google Hangouts into a Conference Call with Zoom

Main video conferencing capabilities are supported by the interoperability of Zoom. When using Meet hardware to join a Zoom Meeting, and vice versa, you may not be able to take advantage of some of the more advanced features, such as polls, wired present, and dual-screen support. Here’s a snippet from the Google Workplace blog.

Users will be able to skip the queue altogether if the host so chooses, and the service will support both scheduled joins and joins via code entries.

The best part is that all Google Workspace and G Suite users will automatically have access to Zoom calls without having to pay extra or upgrade their package.

The feature will be enabled by default, but account administrators will have the option to turn it off. Although it may take up to a week for these administrative controls to become visible in some accounts, they will be available to end users as of January 26, 2023. Similar functionality will be made available to Zoom users on January 26th so that they can join Google Meet calls.

One of the most flexible platforms for many business users, Google Meet also supports interoperability with Cisco Webex.