How to Fix AMD Ryzen Performance, Other Windows 11 Issues

The long and tiresome job of rectifying Windows 11’s flaws may now begin. The OS got its first Patch Tuesday update earlier this week, and another one is now being released to Windows Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview channels.

It addresses a range of early problems with Windows 11. A fix for an AMD Ryzen L3 cache latency issue is the main attraction here.

According to AMD, the problem can reduce performance by 3–5 percent. Although the Windows 11 upgrade that was launched last week might have made the problem worse, at least a solution is on its way.

AMD has confirmed a new bug in Windows 10, version 1803, which it dubbed the L3 latency flaw. In fact, AMD’s Ryzen processors have been known to crash when running at very high loads on certain configurations of motherboards with PCIe 4.0 slots.

The final stop on most Windows updates before public release is the Release Preview Insider channel.

A Reddit post claims that the Windows update will be released on Tuesday, October 19th, while AMD’s driver fix for the other issue will be published two days later, on Tuesday, October 21st.

The Windows 11 upgrade was the largest release of Windows since version 7, requiring over 350 fixes after its launch. One bug that prevented some upgraders from seeing the new Taskbar or using the Start menu was fixed.

A PowerShell flaw can fill up a storage volume with “an infinite number of child directories” when you try to move a directory into its own child directory, and many other issues might cause freezes, crashes, and sluggishness.