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Here is the December security update for Android

Significant Google software has been released today. The final Pixel Feature Drop of the year was launched, marking the first major upgrade to the Google Pixel 7 Pro and its cheaper brother. Yet, the Pixel Feature Drop isn’t the only update coming to Google’s mobile devices. Google is adding the December 2018 Security Update to its roster.

While the Pixel Feature Drop is getting all the attention this month, Google is also releasing a plethora of updates ranging from general stability improvements to specific patches targeting bothersome bugs.

You’ll need a Pixel that’s newer than the Pixel 4 to download the update, so plan accordingly. The latter recently got its final upgrade in October 2022. The Pixel 4a, its more affordable brother, is still present and accounted for. It was released in August 2020, almost a full year after the Pixel 4, and is therefore well inside Google’s three-year support window the firm provided for it.

The security update (and the much more exciting Pixel Feature Drop) can be grabbed through the Pixel phone’s built-in Google update mechanism by visiting the settings menu and tapping the update button. If you’re not patient enough for the long download procedure, Google also has OTA files and factory images accessible.

Even if you don’t have a Pixel phone, don’t worry; the upgrade is coming to every other fantastic Android smartphone that gets regular system updates.