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Help is needed to complete the project for the developer who unlocked 90Hz on the Pixel 6A

Brooke claims he doesn’t have time to work on the project and tweets a link to the repository. For the budget-friendly Pixel 6A, which normally comes with a 6.1-inch OLED display running at 60Hz, the tweak unlocks a seemingly untapped 90Hz refresh rate. The mod does operate, as verified by Sean Hollister, senior editor at The Verge; however, there are limitations.

Some users have reported noticing a green tint on their screens after testing the hack; this is something that Brooke and his team are hoping to get addressed by other programmers. The screen “tints just as high refresh rate OLED screens do when they are not fully calibrated,” Brooke tells The Verge. Since I don’t have time to work on it myself, I’ve made the driver modifications publicly available so that other developers can try to rewrite the tables. In addition, Brooke notes that the green hue of the display is not noticeable at the highest or lowest brightness settings, but rather only when the brightness is adjusted to the medium.

Even if you manage to get the mod installed and working, we have no idea how the increased refresh rate would effect the device. A few of months ago, developer Kuba Wojciechowski raised the question on Twitter about whether the 90Hz option is software locked or whether the hack just overclocks the device. The Verge has contacted Google to confirm whether or not the Pixel 6A’s display indeed supports 90Hz; this post will be updated accordingly.

After more developers begin working with the gadget, maybe we’ll have more concrete data regarding any potential consequences. The driver is still in development, but as Brooke tells The Verge, “developers will be free to distribute their own kernels with enhanced versions.”