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Google claims that the Indian antitrust ruling threatens national security

Friday, Google issued a warning that the Indian antitrust watchdog’s verdict might lead to higher prices for devices in the South Asian market and the spread of unregulated applications that could threaten individual and national security.

India isn’t the only country with its fair share of malicious applications that may put users at risk of identity theft, financial fraud, and other crimes. Google noted in a post titled “Heart of the Matter” that although it takes responsibility for the applications on Play Store and scans for viruses and compliance with local regulations, the same checks may not be in place for apps sideloaded from other sources.

The Competition Commission of India has fined Google twice, charging that it exploited its monopoly on the Indian market to force Android device manufacturers to pre-install the full Google Mobile Suite on all devices sold in the nation.

The Indian regulator has demanded that Google implement a number of changes to the way it does business, measures that some experts believe might threaten the company’s long-term survival in India. Google is appealing the verdicts in Indian courts.

Google has also warned that app developers would face increased costs if the demands of the Indian antitrust commission are implemented.

“In a forked Android ecosystem, small developers will be forced to prioritise which of the multiple incompatible Android ‘forks’ they produce and maintain applications for,” the business warned.

They will lose the fair playing field provided by Android, and major developers will have an advantage over smaller ones due to economies of scale rather than superior product quality.