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GitHub claims to have 100M active users right now

Hosting site for code GitHub has stated that 100 million developers are utilising the service.

Ten years ago, GitHub recorded 3 million users; five years ago, when Microsoft bought it for $7.5 billion; and only three months ago, the company disclosed that it has 90 million users and growing.

Since its inception in 2008, GitHub has expanded to become the de facto hosting provider for millions of open source and proprietary software projects, fostering cross-continental collaboration among programmers working on the same codebase.

In addition to leveraging GitHub and its related data to construct a new AI-powered pair programmer dubbed Copilot, Microsoft is also using GitHub to further ingratiate itself with the software development sector, after first treating open source software with more than a little scorn.

The different premium plans on GitHub now provide around $1 billion yearly to Microsoft’s coffers, which is likely more crucial in the short term at least.

Back in 2019 during a keynote address, then-CEO Nat Friedman stated the company’s goal of reaching 100 million developers by 2025. According to the numbers, it seems to have accomplished this feat two years earlier than expected.