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Finally, Microsoft Excel is making formulas simpler and smarter

Microsoft Excel has released a number of updates that will make formulae more intuitive and powerful.

All Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) customers, even those without the full desktop applications, have access to the updated spreadsheet software on the web, with a few changes to the Windows and macOS client capabilities rounding out the list.

Formula recommendations are the first noticeable improvement for online users. These suggestions utilise contextual data to offer up a small selection of the formulae that are available, such as SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, MIN, and MAX.

Tips for Excel Formulas

At the moment, it’s restricted to accounts in the English language only. Microsoft thinks this would do more than simply save its customers time; it will also help them “learn more about Excel formulae as [they] use them.”

The second big update is a new feature called “formula by example,” which functions similarly to autofill. The web-based Excel version now has the capability to suggest material for remaining cells once the user has completed a sequence of comparable inputs.

In addition to the aforementioned search box in the Query pane, Excel also has the ability to identify faulty cloud workbook connections, ensuring that your spreadsheet’s data is always up-to-date and functional.

After first being noticed in the company’s roadmap in early November 2022, Excel web has now added capability for photos within cells. Previously, they floated on top of the sheet. When you download a picture, you also get all of the information associated with it, such as any alt text the original host may have provided. This feature can be found in the latest versions of Excel for both Windows and macOS.

Features are still being rolled out, so some users may not have access to them just yet, and others are exclusive to Windows Insiders, as stated in the blog article.