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Finally, BlackBerry is understanding Rust

Since Rust is “rapidly gaining popularity” in the automobile sector, Blackberry and Elektrobit have decided to work together to help it in their software development.

Rust is a memory-safe programming language with the potential to serve as a robust, endpoint-independent security backbone.

As much as two-thirds of all known vulnerabilities in today’s operating systems are related to memory safety issues. Because it lacks these problems, common in C and C++, Rust is an excellent choice for mission-critical applications.

Rust, Elektrobit, and Blackberries

“Security is important to our values and is not something you should have to volunteer for. It need to be present by default at all times, “Blackberry QNX Senior Vice President and Head John Wall issued the following comment.

“By adopting Rust, we are able to ensure that our Software Development Platform will continue to provide a seamless experience for our clients without sacrificing the security or speed of mission-critical components.

Blackberry QNX and Elektrobit, which has been using Rust for project implementation since2019, have a positive track record together. Both have contributed code to the Rust community and worked to assure its quality.

The automobile industry is undergoing a massive transformation that will see technology become more deeply integrated in every element of driving, and the corporations are banking on Rust to provide the essential groundwork for software-defined cars, where safety is of the utmost importance.

It is estimated that 215 million cars, including commercial vehicles and heavy equipment, utilise Blackberry QNX now, and this number will only increase as industries develop and the lines between the automotive and technology sectors blur.