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FBI alert: Hackers are currently focusing on food supplies in BEC scams

Experts have cautioned that criminals are expanding the scope of business email compromise (BEC) assaults beyond financial theft.

Multiple US law enforcement organisations issued a warning that said criminals were using BEC assaults on food delivery services.

It has been reported that hackers are stealing “large shipments of food products and ingredients,” with a market value that can reach “hundreds of thousands of dollars,” according to a joint cybersecurity advisory published by the Department of Justice, the Food and Drug Administration Office of Criminal Investigations, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Food is being sent out

Similar to earlier BEC attacks, the hackers would steal an executive’s email account and use it to submit fraudulent orders, or they would simply pretend to be a third-party email service and send an order through the compromised account. For whatever reason, food firms wind up sending out deliveries of unpaid-for goods.

However, the assailants don’t consume the meal. Food safety norms and sanitary standards aren’t followed, and then they resale it on the illicit market, which is risky in and of itself. Those who eat it may get a wide range of illnesses.

The advise urges businesses of all stripes to take precautions against “brand and reputation thieves” who exploit their name, image, and likeness to conduct fraud and steal goods.

The groups advise that companies protect themselves from these threats by teaching their staff about the perils of phishing and business email compromise assaults.

In order to educate people about the dangers of engaging with questionable online content (such as opening unfamiliar links or downloading files), they should hold training sessions regularly. Lastly, they need to do identity theft monitoring and image abuse monitoring on a regular basis to ensure that no one is misusing their personal information or likeness online.