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Far Cry sounds like Ubisoft’s attempt to emulate Call of Duty: Warzone

Currently, Ubisoft has two new Far Cry games in development. While Far Cry 7 is quite obvious, the second game, a standalone multiplayer take on the single-player (and more recently, co-op) shooter, is very fascinating. Kotaku reports that Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, discussed both of these titles in a private corporate meeting.

You may have been hoping for a new Far Cry game soon, what with Ubisoft’s prolific output of the series and the fact that Far Cry 6 came out all the way back in the latter half of 2021. On the other hand, the development of such new games may be farther off than you believe. According to a recent piece on Kotaku, Ubisoft is replacing the Dunia engine with the Snowdrop engine for future titles. The Division games and Ubisoft’s next Star Wars game also use Snowdrop technology.

Even though Insider Gaming claimed that the inspiration for both of these games came from the same place, we are unable to verify this. Given the series’ track record, a Far Cry 7’s release is likely, but this would be the first instalment in the franchise to focus only on multiplayer.

Hello, Warzone…

Ubisoft may be following Activision’s lead with Warzone, a multiplayer battle royale game that stands on its own, by developing standalone live service multiplayer games that are unrelated to the campaign’s narrative.

Though I only spent a short time in Far Cry 6, I was able to recognise the hallmarks of a battle royale. It seemed like the battlefield had been prepared for hundreds of players to drop in and fight to the death, with cars left strewn about, island biomes, and a plethora of firearms strewn around. A battle royale mode in this multiplayer Far Cry is very possible; based on previous games, I wouldn’t be shocked if it was included.

Ubisoft’s take on battle royale may stand out from the crowd if it drew inspiration from Far Cry’s history of hostile local animals and camp sites inhabited by artificial intelligence. Instead of a radioactive cloud, the game’s last circle may be filled with cassowaries out to get you and peck you to death.

There is only one place to be.

Truthfully, I can’t say that I’m not becoming a bit sick of the Far Cry series. It wasn’t until Far Cry 4 that I was eager to settle down and take on cults again. However, if the setting were proper, I might consider playing again.

In 2015, Eurogamer (opens in new tab) received results from a survey Ubisoft had sent to fans of Far Cry. Despite Ubisoft’s inclusion of vampires and dinosaurs in this poll, I think the idea of taking the next game in the franchise to the far reaches of Alaska is the most interesting. This is the kind of place that would motivate me to get out of bed, fire up my computer, and face off against zealous zealots.

There isn’t much we know about the next Far Cry games, but a standalone multiplayer mode might be just what the franchise needs to get a makeover and re-energize fans like myself. Combine it with an awesome setting like Alaska, and I may have no option but to return to Far Cry’s trippy universe.