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Fans of the films of David Cronenberg will love the strange, obscene Stem Projector

Having dumped controversy magnet and previous colleague Kanye West, whom it worked with on the bizarre-yet-loved Stem Player, Kano Computing has returned with an all-new, out-there gadget which this time lets you to remix video rather than music.

Kano originally gained notoriety for its innovative educational goods, such as a laptop that could be assembled by schoolchildren and this do-it-yourself digital camera.

Later, the firm made news when it partnered with hip-hop singer and sometimes US Presidential candidate West on a digital music remixing gadget in the style of a hockey puck called the Stem Player, which was initially the only method to purchase Ye’s Donda 2 album.

Having officially broken relations with Kanye, the business has pulled the covers off its next product displaying its Stem logo.

The brand new Stem Projector from Kano is a battery-powered portable movie beamer with a library of preloaded flicks that can be navigated with a smattering of haptic, touch-sensitive controls.

Much like its predecessor, the new Stem Projector comes in a unique synthetic flesh-like shell with an array of vibey-looking lights grouped around the top of the gadget. If you’ve watched David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ or Crimes of the Future, then it will appear eerily similar.

Quite what the included content is and how it can be customised isn’t completely clear at this stage, but according to CEO Alex Klein, Kano are “working with some of the best directors in the world, as well as some of the most interesting libraries,” with Mubi and The Criterion Collection both namechecked.

If you get bored of the provided clips, you can project content from other devices using its mini-HDMI input, while its wireless connectivity will also allow you to stream video from mobile devices via Chromecast and Apple AirPlay as well as streaming services, suggesting it will feature software such as Android – it sounds similar to a lot of what you get from the Samsung Freestyle projector.

There’s a built-in 256GB hard drive for storing your own stuff, which can easily be extended further due to a microSD card slot.

Intriguingly the gadget is supposed to make use of machine learning to tag videos saved on the device, which can then be seen in an associated back-to-back stream as part of the projector’s “Galaxy Mode” function.

The Stem Projector boasts an output of 150 ANSI lumens – implying brightness comparable to that of a Pico projector, while the built in battery lasts for a not-too-shabby four to five hours at maximum brightness.

Set to go on sale Monday January 17 straight from Kano in a limited first run of 1,000 devices for $1,000 a pop, the business says it expects to start releasing the gadget as part of a bigger run in a different colorway later in 2023 with a reduced price tag of $600.

Klein also stated that a new edition of its Stem Player featuring exclusive music from Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ghostface Killah is also on the way later this year.