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Employees lose 12 hours per week searching for data because of data silos

New research conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Airtable finds that business processes in big organisations are more disjointed than they realise, which in turn leads to subpar decision making, increased error rates, low morale among employees, and decreased productivity and income.

Employees are feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of corporate software programmes and technologies in today’s hyper-digital workplace.

According to the Crisis of a Fractured Organization study conducted by Airtable and Forrester, major firms today utilise an average of 367 different software applications and systems to handle their many different operations. Data silos result from the use of several, incompatible technologies, which makes it more difficult for teams to access relevant information.

Workstream changes have left teams feeling disjointed. Most knowledge employees(79%) say they don’t have insight into cross-functional initiatives, and 68% say that this has an adverse effect on their job.

Important details buried

Teams are making subpar or delayed choices because they are only seeing a subset of the available data and are missing out on important insights that may be buried in one of their many tools. Half of those surveyed(46%) agreed that inefficient company procedures lengthen the time it takes to make decisions and increase the likelihood that those choices would be incorrect. Consequences for income and staff morale are felt as a result of these schisms.

The poll found that discord inside companies had a detrimental impact on productivity. Experts in the knowledge economy said they spend an average of 11.6 hours per week looking for relevant data. Finding the appropriate information is the top source of frustration for many workers.

Many businesses, however, have come to see the need of a future-proof approach and are actively working to increase data and team connection. Almost all respondents to the study agreed that bettering the efficiency of their organization’s processes was a key priority, with 93% saying so, and 90% saying the same thing about teamwork. Respondents anticipate saving roughly 12 hours per week by deploying linked solutions to promote cross-functional communication and organisational alignment.

Forrester conducted a survey of 1,022 U.S. and U.K. workers, including contributors and decision-makers all the way up to the C-suite, for a research commissioned by Airtable. During the months of August and September of 2022, the research was conducted.

Learn more by checking out Airtable and Forrester’s entire report.

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