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Drool-worthy ROG gaming laptops from Asus pack powerful components into compact spaces

Although this year’s laptop announcements didn’t garner nearly as much attention as the pee-on health sensors and pod PCs that were also shown at CES 2023, they nonetheless give hardware aficionados something to look forward to.

Take the products that Asus offers as an illustration. Its ROG line of gaming laptops includes anything from ultraportable 13-inch machines to monstrous 18-inch options. Although they may be small in stature, each of these laptops is equipped with robust hardware. No longer do we live in an era of four-core CPUs and limited mobile graphics. These portable computers are built for speed and power, with top-tier CPUs and graphics chips.

The video above features all of them, including the astonishingly small Zephyrus M16, which is only 20mm thick despite having a Core i9-13900H processor and a discrete Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics chip. It wasn’t the only ROG laptop that included Nvidia’s flagship graphics processor. The ROG Strix Scar 16 and 18 are powered by unrestrained versions rated at a scorching 175W TDP, so you can set your game settings to their maximum potential without worrying about running out of juice. Beautiful RGB LED strips line the front and back of the Strix models’ chassis, and the machines include transparent panels that are evocative of the 1990s.

Make sure to read up on the company’s other 13-inch thin and light versions as well, the tablet-detachable ROG Flow Z13 and the 360-degree-hinged ROG Flow X13. They appear like they wouldn’t be able to handle much, but they really have mid-range CPUs and graphics that are a step up from integrated ones. The small Z13 has a Core i9-13900H and an RTX 4060, making it considerably more powerful than a Surface Pro with a comparable design. The X13, however, sports AMD’s brand-new Ryzen 9 7940HS processor and RTX 4070 graphics card. The cherry on top is that these laptops can be connected to one of Asus’ specialised external GPUs. The RTX 3080 version is available today, and Asus has hinted at an upcoming RTX 4090 model.

Pricing information is expected to be released in the near future. These enticing new laptops will begin appearing on store shelves in the second quarter of the year, so you won’t have to wait too long.