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Does Windows 11’s File Explorer automatically come up for you? It’s not just you

Even though 2023 has only just begun, several users, I included, have been experiencing increasing levels of frustration due to a newly discovered problem in Windows 11. The issue is caused by the fact that File Explorer windows will always try to occupy the front of your screen, even if you are currently using another program.

Some customers have complained that when on a Zoom conversation, for example, a File Explorer window appeared and covered up the conference window; Microsoft is aware of the problem and is working on a resolution.

Similar things have happened to me, like when I was playing Bioshock over Steam on Windows 11 and suddenly File Explorer appeared.

It’s frustrating that tabs in File Explorer seem to have arrived with issues, since this was a feature that many people had been waiting for for a long time.

Did File Explorer’s time in the Insider oven need to be extended?

Since its announcement in April 2022, I and many other users have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Tabs feature in File Explorer. While it was released to Windows Insiders (a select group of users who get early access to new features) many months ago, the rest of us had to wait a painful seven.

Still, this kind of problem makes me think Microsoft should have spent even more effort refining this function. It’s bad enough to have to wait for a feature to roll out; it’s much worse to discover that the feature doesn’t operate as planned once it does, or to run into bothersome issues.

Microsoft is reportedly planning to release Windows 11 updates more frequently this year in anticipation of the release of Windows 12 in2024. While we applaud this goal in theory, Microsoft will need to redouble its efforts to ensure that bugs are ironed out prior to features being rolled out to users if it wants to avoid incurring the wrath of users time and time again.