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Chromecast’s Best Feature is Being Delayed

Individual user profiles, one of the most anticipated Chromecast with Google TV features, have been delayed until next year, according to Google. Due to a delay in release last month, Chromecast with Google TV users will now have to wait a bit longer for the functionality to arrive.

Individual user profiles, as reported by The Verge, were supposed to debut in November 2021. However, Google spokesperson Ivy Hunt informed The Verge that the functionality is now being rolled out “in the coming months,” giving no reason for the delay.

It’s a shame, because the function was designed to provide custom profiles and personalized recommendations for movies and TV shows on an individual basis. Given the variety of options and features that may be set between individual profiles, it makes sense that Google would need more time to fine-tune the adjustment before release.

Users will be able to develop their own unique profile for Chromecast with Google TV, which will try to customize their viewing experience based on the types of movies and shows they’ve already viewed.

Additionally, Google Home users with profiles will be able to use Google Assistant. This means the service will most likely need to deal with a variety of voices in a multi-user household. Previously, voice support was limited only to the primary account holder on Google Assistant, however individual user accounts are allowing the voice assistant to be used by everyone who has signed up for it on the device.

Google is also looking to add a “glanceable cards” feature following the user profiles implementation, which would allow quick cards of information such as the weather and news when your smart TV is left dormant. This will all be on a per-profile basis, and it’s possible that Google wants to work out any wrinkles before unleashing new profiles.

What is the purpose of a profile?

Sure, if you’re living alone or with just one other person, profiles might not be essential for your Google TV experience, but they may be quite beneficial in a family of many.

It would be much simpler to switch profiles on a per-person basis, which will make searching for your favorite material (and content you may like) much more convenient than having one single profile that is controlled by the account holder.

Individual profiles are already available in streaming platforms like Netflix, but having them accessible on a larger service like Google Chromecast with Google TV is likely to help customers locate material they are unfamiliar with, allowing them to explore even more shows and applications.

Individuals profiles, on the other hand, are beneficial. While we don’t know what is causing the delay, we’re glad Google can take its time getting it right, especially because it will have to integrate a variety of apps and Google Assistant integrations.