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ChatGPT may soon be available on Bing Search thanks to Microsoft and OpenAI

As part of the Bing search engine for online browsers, Microsoft is planning to release a version of OpenAI’s machine-learned text-generation language model, ChatGPT.

Two anonymous Microsoft employees leaked the company’s plans for expanding its use of the language model GPT across Bing as part of its autocomplete feature, which attempts to predict what users are looking for based on the user’s incomplete search query. Microsoft’s $1 billion investment in OpenAI in 2019 enabled the company to implement these plans.

This comes less than a month after reports of a “code red” at Google due to staff pressure to include AI into the company’s own search engine, with Jeff Dean, director of Google’s AI team, saying that AI may cause people to lose faith in Google if it gave inaccurate information.

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Microsoft is allegedly still cautious and isn’t ready to totally replace Bing’s present approach of proposing relevant web links to inquiries with AI, even if there are measures to boost the chance of accuracy, such as referencing sources.

According to one of the insiders, “Bing will still depend on its own technology to provide most search results,” as GPT isn’t meant to continuously harvest data from the internet. Because the GPT language model cannot train itself on the fly, ChatGPT explicitly informs its users that it has “little awareness of [the] world and events beyond 2021.”

According to the source, “GPT might also help Bing do a better job of proposing additional terms users could input to view responses to similar searches” or recommend related questions to users while explaining their significance.

While nothing is written in stone, this source has been quoted as claiming that by March, Microsoft may be advertising Bing Search as “one of the few methods to access sections of GPT,” which would be a direct reference to ChatGPT.

This decision is part of OpenAI’s long-term strategy to monetize ChatGPT in addition to other, more conventional funding sources, such as Microsoft’s sizable corporate investment.