The Best VR Headset In 2019

Real life is boring. Fortunately, we have been equipped with a variety of ways to drag we from everyday life, stress at work and money increasingly depressing news, it seems that the shift of the world increasingly to the edge of madness. We have tv, we have movies, sports, have books and video games, and now some of these experiences improved with the introduction of virtual reality. It has been the talk of virtual reality, as most of you may remember, and is now a (virtual) reality. With him, i feel transported to another world, experience strange, unique and fascinating places without even going anywhere. If you are not convinced that we live in the future, but this is certainly to convince. Well, why not be transported into another world, even by controlling our selection of the best vr headset. Sit back, relax and strap itself, we go on a journey.

1. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

So here we go, our choice for the best headset oculus vr is the famous go stand-alone device that comes with a huge 64 gb of memory many as hd movies 7 40 and 20 applications, games you can escape real world and transport yourself to a completely different place possibility of more than 1000 games, social applications and 360 degrees experiences.

The comfortable design provides a sense personal theater and built-in surround sound makes it look real, you would forgive for being little confused when you step out of what is basically the first steps to the matrix. Providing easy control, the state of the art bring technology and a more immersive experience like no other, the oculus go the future for you.

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2. HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Headset

Vive htc vr headset is a system that is more than worthy of its place in our list. With an impressive real movements and realistic graphics, each ideas reality to the discussion ‘virtual’ will remain as full immerse yourself, stranger sold in offer.

It with two in the wonderful worlds drivers that further enhance their experience and offer 360 degree range of motion you give the next sense of reality – just without to put you at risk. To sweeten the deal, you get a free two months to discover viveport membership that allows you to explore, and the most realistic experience can be found with some without dare.

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3. Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality Headset

Those who held one of you with all the news of vr recognize the oculus rift virtual reality headset as the top candidate to consider industrial and product many consumers that these forced it’s the real deal. In combination with touch controls, is immediately access to a variety of games, including six sold with the package.

If this is not salivating gets mouth game, then it is not lost i hope that for the moment. Ultra-low latency also have to ensure incredibly diving, during operations to imitate pretty receptive, are the movements of real life. Going to run, fly, and it is possible that occasional scare, but with virtual reality is all part of the fun.

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4. Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headset

Although it is only compatible with samsung smartphones, this set of virtual reality glasses is a great product budget, if you own a samsung is almost child’s play, so at the first opportunity. With a wide field of view and low latency, detailing experience panoramic views the almost enough to make the smell the air.

It create adventures that are easy to navigate using the touch screen and offers a range of possibilities, which also show the first models were vr something special. It can not hold other types of smartphones, but if you have a samsung and a risk-free way to enjoy want more permeable than vr everything else, this is an almost unbeatable diadem.

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5. Samsung Gear VR Headset with Controller

This evolution of the original device samsung gear comes with a controller alien for instant gaming experiences, traveling around to fight the world, or simply solve mysteries, and if that does not sound nice – even although we are not sure why it is not – there are another 500 or so choose for you games from.

The helps the driver navigate your vr experience and is easy to get to grips with his next very sensitive to your movements. However, it is only compatible with samsung products that unfortunately some rule of you, but if you do a samsung, this is a valuable product that has everything you need.

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6. HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Headset

Our top pick for the best mobile phone is the htc pro vr, the vive teleports you so rich, so alive in a world with colors so clear that it feels strange and almost disappointing when you return to reality, the actual reality that is. The vive makes this possible with amazing 2880 x to create the mixture of realism and fantasy perfect 1660 resolution graphics, experience.

As an impressive and play potentially addictive, 360 control functions provide endless movement during surround sound speakers provide further built guaranteed by noise cancellation. This gives you the opportunity to play space, stand, or in areas of 20 x 20 meters.

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7. Lenovo Mirage Solo Standalone VR Headset with Daydream

Finally, our selection is the best products lenovo the only mirage independent vr headset. Thus, there is no need for cables smartphones is, or anything else that might interfere with his adventure offers the highest quality immersive virtual reality experience powerful imaginable.

Using hardware, fast on the other side of forgot something screen and comfortable design offers hours of fun without problems you and the rest of the family. Use monitoring body and comes world sense daydream installed with innovative functionality that is ideal for drawing they must show in the virtual world.

You may have to go back occasionally, but while you are there, enjoy, you deserve that. If you’re looking to improve your game, then make sure read our glasses or our game review game tables.