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Best Under The Counter Electric Can Opener

Best Under The Counter Electric Can Opener

Are you tired of opening cans by your hands? Well, this is not funny at all. It can be a dangerous activity and especially if you’ve got a medical condition like arthritis.

If this is also a story with you, then planning to have an Electric Can Opener can be a smart idea. Many of them can also be used to cut bags, knife sharpener, and a bottle opener as well.

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Black & Decker CO100B Spacemaker Can Opener

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Proctor Silex 75400 PowerOpener Can Opener

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Black & Decker CO85 Spacemaker Can Opener

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Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Electric Can Opener

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Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Extra-Tall Can   Opener

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There are different kinds of electric can opener available in the market but the ‘under the counter electric can opener’ is considered as one of the best when it comes to saving space. Not only this, they are very easy to access and use.

Electric can opener minimizes the exposure to lids with its jagged ends, and this makes this gadget very safe to use. Not only safe, but these are very helpful tools for your kitchen.

So if you’re planning to buy an ‘under the counter electric can opener,’ but is confused on which one to buy? Then you’ve landed at the correct place.

In this article, we’ve selected and assembled some of the best and top ‘Under the cabinet electric can opener’ which will surely help you while opening cans.

Best 5 Under The Cabinet Electric Can Opener

1.) Black & Decker CO100B Spacemaker Can Opener:-

This Black & Decker CO100B is one of the rare under the cabinet electric can opener that comes under the price tag of just $35. It comes in a completely black design and is loaded with lots of features. This model is a version of it’s younger brother CO85. It can also be used as a bottle opener, knife sharpener, and has a built-in bag cutter.

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To use it, just place the device in a position, turn ON the power button, and all the remaining job will be done by it. It has a power pierce cutter which pierces most of the lids in just a few seconds. And once the lid is opened, it will automatically turn OFF.

It has been noticed that many of the older can openers were dangerous to use and are still available in the market. But all the sharp parts of this device are enclosed in a swing-open-door, which prevents unnecessary injuries of used properly. It is multi-functional, has a modern design and comes with hand-free operations. So if you’ve got a limited tight budget, then this one is really for you.

2.) Proctor Silex 75400 PowerOpener Can Opener:-

One thing we’ll like to clear at the beginning about this device, it is bit expensive ranging about $230. So if you have a good budget then you should not miss this product. No doubt after viewing Black & Decker can opener, this has very little competition but trust us, it can be a good alternative. Like other, this device also has three appliances in one package.

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It can be used to open the bottle with a bottle opener, can be used for cutting the bags with inbuilt bag slitter, and has convenient cord storage. You might be missing a knife sharpener here, but the fact is that most of the small appliances having inbuilt knife sharpener won’t have high-quality standards. It is very easy to use and operate.

All thanks to the inbuilt sensors, which automatically turns off the device by turning motor off once the can/lid is opened. Due to this, the device attains full marks over the safety segment. Besides this, the cutting lever it has is removable as well as dishwasher-safe. Overall, if you’ve got a high budget then must look for this gadget.

3.) Black & Decker CO85 Spacemaker Can Opener:-

There are many companies manufacturing can opener fighting to place their name in the market. But when it comes to Black & Decker, this brand needs no introduction. Most of the Black & Decker products are known for their long-lasting behavior and the, of course, the warranty it offers. You can directly mount this device under the counter.

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It comes in a white color option and is loaded with lots of handy features. It has a good motor which runs smoothly and has a sufficient amount of power which is capable of doing heavy duty work easily. Beide this, it has power pierce blades which are strong enough for opening big, tall or even small cans that too with great efficiency. According to us, this can opener is just perfect for commercial purposes.

Asking with this, it has bottle opener as well as a knife sharpener. No doubt this is an expensive option but believe us, it will be a great investment. The design and build quality of the appliance is also convincing. Overall, if you have a good budget, then you should not miss a product like this.

4.) Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Electric Can Opener:-

A high-quality can opener can solve your problems of opening the cans. And, this is what Hamilton Beach 76606ZA does for you. It comes with lots of features along with a large ergonomic lever and blending stylish chrome design.

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Its blades are specially designed which cuts the can along the sides but not from the top. Due to this, the risk of touching with the food is reduced. Also, it prevents splashing of the food. The lever it has is easy to use which moves easily without putting any strength.

You just have to hold the lever down until the can is opened completely. Talking about design, it has got a combination of chrome and black color, which looks sleek and very beautiful. We would like to tell that, this device won’t have any sharp edges all around it, so it has been designed by keeping the thought of safety in mind. You can use this opener for opening regular cans while using it with pop-top variants is also a good idea.

5.) Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Extra-Tall Can Opener:-

Using a manual can opener brings a risk for all of you. That’s the reason we’ve brought another top-quality electric can opener called Proctor Silex 76370P. It is designed tall by size which allows you to open the can at the very first attempt. This appliance for those buyers who has a selected budget and want to purchase an electric can opener.

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Cutting the can is done with the help of a magnet holder and powerful blades. This device holds the can by its magnetic action, and then the blades rotated uniformly to open the can. The lid of the can remains outside due to the magnetic actions. This means it wouldn’t be a mess once you open the can.

This tool is designed for especially opening long/tall cans, so if you’ve such then prepare to purchase this. The cutting lever in this has a detachable design, which let you clean it properly and easily. Beside this, you also get an integrated knife sharpener, so it is an appliance with a complete package.