The Best Bouldering Crash Pad In 2019

Safety is everything when it rises and investment in the best bouldering crash pad is as crucial as climbing helmet and climbing shoes ensure that you get up and down rocks in one piece. While they probably are not willing to try the same actions as seen in the provoke anxiety, leading to sweaty palm, acrophobia-awakening free solo that does not mean that you do not get into the action.

1. Black Diamond Mondo Bouldering Crash Pad

Our main selection of the best bouldering crash pad is the black diamond mondo boulder pad. The large surface ensures safety, 32 measuring “wide, ensured while the height 10 “a proper damping of a variety of heights, if you decide to drop or not. This damping is improved with a tray closed cell foam revolutionized going to fall over on the side, while high compression low foam level the surface helps spread impact and minimize injuries.

It is so effective, you will feel like a cartoon comfortable character falls into a cloud, because if this happened in the real world that had just arrived wet. It carefully folded to minimize space when stored, and in the car on the road his rise to the simple and direct traffic.

A massively popular option that is the best platform accident likely to find for both top beginners and experts remain safe and comfortable landing, perhaps so much, you will never want to rise again. However, make sure that their kletterhelm provided more on.

2. Mad Rock R3 Bouldering Crash Pad

The second pad in our selection bouldering is the mad rock r3 crash pad, and this carpet is great for pushing along the cliff between beginner to intermediate, to make the leap. It has a new bottling plant the allows the pillow was as flat as possible on all types of terrain and the decline in the same as some other options is attenuated by, especially in this cover price.

The nylon it is also more durable to disposal. While other covers to 1000d, these 1680 denier means construction is built to last and can pull, push handle and also pulling terrain and uneven surfaces and on the other freehand avoid unscathed. The double side loops help boots excess tax itself and shoulder and waist straps help support when to transport over long distances, which is to prevent fatigue due to necessary weight.

While it is not the heaviest platform we selected yet it could lead his solo themselves. Show more for younger climbers a challenge.

3. Mad Rock Mad Bouldering Crash Pad

The mad rock mad pad is another decent option and a little cheaper for boulderer relatively experienced and those who are lucky enough to have their own house wall bouldering. This provides you with a reliable combination open cell foam and narrowed the best of both worlds to ensure softens the impact and offers snugly drops without risk injury.

The backpack straps make it easy to carry and offers girdles to help increase support your posture when in motion. Unfortunately, there is no timing belt or pockets to keep your items safe to climb, but if you are someone who moves the light, this will not be a issue.

Most useful but the ability to additional pads mad is to be connected maximize space relegation zone. This is especially useful when in a climbing large group and are also more confident beginners climbers landing pad it protects them. Once you’re done for the day, they can also be converted into a chair to enjoy the deserved relaxation.

If you want to climb, check our selection of the best rock climbing more shoes.

4. Metolius Recon Bouldering Crash Pad

Designed with a triptych is the metolius recon crash pad not limited to ensure durability, but also easier storage in the back of your car, and side together, they cut securely hold when in transit. It also has more surface feet 5. 5 square as a standard climbing pads that provision, bring enough for the drop and roll without danger injury.

The 900 denier substance is hard, but not the toughest around, it does not seem quite only if you get the price into consideration. What he lacks the basic coverage however, durability makes for the protection and ballistics the ground his life in the materials would improve 900d and increase fail.

It is also easy to carry, but remains the most serious platform that we selected, and this could be only a problem for climbers, and if you also climbing with a partner that could still cause unwanted fatigue ago even reach the rocks. However, it remains a high-quality option experienced climbers and for anyone who wants to skip replaces your original mat after only a few more year.

5. Petzl Alto Bouldering Crash Pad

If you have pleased us a place you spend all the money set aside for climbing gear, the petzl alto crash pad is an excellent choice. Your to soften super-protector, the 3 layers of different density from foam his case like nothing else around and let the drop distance, easy to carry as with confidence.

It feels despite his ensure weight and wide shoulder straps for comfort take between the ribs and debris. Resealable flap is also to keep useful valuables safe while you are on, and means bright orange you have that you have chosen an easy target to target.

Although, as some of the options that is somewhat smaller, these quality bouldering crash pad continues to provide unsurpassed performance for solo or duo climbers, and while you spend a little more than would in other patented folding system ensures the foam lasts longer and keep you safe every time too.

You can also use our leaders want to check out the best climbing rope for larger equipment. Show more.

6. Metolius Session II Crash Pad

At the other end of the price spectrum session ii crash metolius pad is a great value perfect choice for beginners or those who boulder also close extreme options. Evolution of session i, this crash mat comes easier with a redesigned damper pad load cars during transport and comfortable padded shoulder simplified belt.

Once on the ground, it is also easy to move, and the new drag control is robust enough weight to move behind them, the pad small effort. The lightweight design also contributes to and facilitates the pressure on the arms and hands, while not ideal for the highest waterfalls to save real average size scale, but considering that this find their way in life rather beginners, which is not a problem.

An outer fabric tough, durable and construction quality, this is an excellent crash mat beginner you can feel safe that time. Show on each falling more.

7. Black Diamond Drop Zone Crash Pad

Another option is the coveted black diamond drop zone crash pad which is slightly more compact than other options, but it is still useful for small projects and beginners who do not want to get high or soon. The 1000 denier nylon and polyurethane coating on the sleeve is durable, able support dragging, pushing, pulling, and the mat on a plurality of sites and uneven surfaces, while the pe and pu closed cells foam base is a safe landing.

However, this filling is not as thick as around him others and is only 3. 5 “advises so not to be used for high falls. The promotions and tacos to the style folding makes it easy to pack away when not in use, and it is light enough for easy transport, either alone or with two people.

To ensure the safety and valuable gear, there is also a stowable to keep the field, falling all in one place and prevent things or if theft is high, to do something to respect. This also makes a perfect gift for the rock more climbers.

8. Asana Sidekick Bouldering Pad

Our last choice is the asana side kick pad boulder, which is less than a adult bouldering mat and an add-on mat bouldering, but that’s it does not mean it is not suitable for promotions and younger beginners. In fact, his expanding its size allows for better and more reliable than the larger options, buckle fixed are solids for storing, while the cover robust nylon something that is cost mats.

You’ll ever in an accident, the love of elegant, stripped-down design, which, although it makes easy to carry a weight similar to the larger models. This extra weight makes only bigger comfortable landing though, and always feel not so bulky that you think you do not get great value for money.

However because there is more to maximize your current crash pad designed space and supports more great products asana to get no use as a mat alone, to no less from too high. That’s a shame, because it remains a mat quality is very reliable, and it is less expensive new carpet buy add more anyway.