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Bespoke AI Wall Oven from Samsung

At CES, Samsung will debut its new Bespoke AI Wall Oven, a fashionable and intelligent oven with cutting-edge culinary capabilities.

The 7-inch colour LCD screen and digital touch controls make it simple to keep an eye on the cooking process, adjust the temperature, or switch between cooking modes. There are a wide variety of cooking modes available on the Bespoke AI Oven.

The built-in AI camera not only recommends the best cooking times and temperatures, but also lets you check on your food without opening the oven door. The camera also allows for in-process food photography and live-streaming of the cooking process, creating the ideal social media culinary show. Ideal for TikTok’s gourmands and Youtube’s famous cooks.

By constantly keeping an eye on your food and adjusting the heat and time accordingly, the AI Pro Cooking technology can help you avoid burning it. The Sense Inside function, which is powered by an embedded camera and an AI system, can identify 80 different foods and ingredients and make cooking recommendations based on those identifications.

With its built-in Wi-Fi, the Bespoke AI Wall Oven can be linked to the Samsung SmartThings Cooking app for remote management of the oven’s preheating, timing, recipe syncing, and AI camera. The Bespoke AI Wall Oven is able to provide meal suggestions for its users by integrating with Samsung Health to get information about their exercise routines, dietary preferences, and the availability of ingredients.

There are five different designs for the Bespoke AI Oven, which is now on sale in Europe and will hit North American shelves in the third quarter of 2023.