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AWS wants to assist large corporations and governments in understanding blockchain

To expand the use of blockchain technology in organisations of all sizes, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has partnered with Ava Labs, the creators of the Avalanche platform.

AWS VP and global head of startups Howard Wright stated, “web3 and blockchain is inevitable,” adding that although it’s impossible to predict when it will become ubiquitous, “the pace of this one appears to be increasing and we’re simply pleased to be a part of this.”

John Wu, president of Ava Labs, thinks the alliance would hasten adoption because of the “convenience and access” it will provide to users.

Both Avalanche and AWS

Wu said, “We would want to deliver a better experience to the over 500 apps on the chain, and now we have a true collaboration that we can lead to the Activate programme.”

Avalanche node deployment and management will be simplified because to this partnership. It should also improve the reliability of the network and provide programmers more leeway in their creations.

As part of the deal, Ava Labs will also be a part of AWS Activate, a service that aims to help new companies get off the ground by providing them with a variety of resources and professional guidance.

It will also join the AWS Partner Network, which Wright calls “the jet fuel for blockchain and crypto that will democratise access for all corners of the planet.”

Due to the shift in focus away from “hardcore Web3 folks,” Wu believes this will position the Amazon division well for the future. Developers and entrepreneurs are starting to make the jump from Web2 to Web3.

When it comes to blockchain-related research and development, Amazon isn’t alone. By the end of 2022, Google Cloud had approved Solana’s Blockchain Node Engine, a tool that would facilitate the creation of Web3 products by providing access to fully-managed nodes.