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At Mobile World Congress, OnePlus might raise the bar with a concept phone that is even more outrageous

These days, it’s simple to become bored using your smartphone. Leaks and early revelations suggest another generation of incremental improvements, despite the fact that Android phones are amazing right now and new smartphones from Samsung, Google, and others are just around the way. OnePlus may have what you’re looking for in terms of excitement if you’re shopping around. A new concept phone from the business is said to be ready for its debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in a matter of weeks.

On Twitter, leaker Max Jambor has been dropping hints about a new OnePlus prototype that would be unveiled at MWC in February. As the name OnePlus Concept Two suggests, not much is known about this device at this time. We probably won’t see anything with a flexible display from the business until they release their rumoured foldable. After all, what was truly groundbreaking only a few years ago is now merely impressive.

If you think you’ve heard of a OnePlus concept phone before, you’re right on the money. A little over three years ago, at CES, OnePlus debuted the Concept One. While a leather-clad gadget with orange highlights and hidden camera lenses may not be what most customers were hoping for, it is a fascinating concept nevertheless. A unique feature was on display when we looked at the phone, but the technology apparently never made it to market.

No one knows for sure what the OnePlus Concept Two will show off. A foldable design is highly improbable, but it doesn’t imply there can’t be some semblance of adaptability. Maybe OnePlus wants to carry on LG’s rollable phone legacy after its mobile business shut down. We won’t have to wait long to find out what it is, though. The 27th of February marks the beginning of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.