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ASUS Announces the RT-AX68U Vertical WiFi Router

ASUS has introduced the RT-AX68U WiFi 6 router, and this router offers Dual Band WiFi 6 with a maximum wireless transmission rate of up to 2700 MB per second and support for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio bands. While ASUS has yet to release any specific price for the RT-AX68U router, ASUS has stated that they target a price under $100.

ASUS has introduced the RT-AX68U WiFi 6 router featuring wireless transmission rates of up to 2700 MBps

The RT-AX68U router supports both the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz radio bands, which allow for a wide range of smart devices to be easily connected and have a stable connection to this router. This router offers a maximum data transfer speed of up to 2,700 MB per second with WiFi 6. This speed makes this router perfect for downloading games, while the stability makes it perfect for content creators or streamers. This router has been designed to offer WiFi 6, which can increase WiFi signal and better coverage of up to 80% compared to previous WiFi iterations.

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Source: ASUS

The design of the RT-AX68U router is considerably different, and this router features a vertical design. This design has the WiFi antennas on the top of the module and pointed upwards instead of outward. This new design minimizes the footprint of this router, allowing for more space on your desk. This smaller footprint is perfect for a home office.

This router features ASUS’s Ai Mesh and Ai Protection, and Ai Mesh allows users to create a mesh WiFi using any other ASUS router that also offers support for Ai Mesh. This router also offers support for Ai Protection, and this technology has a web filter that, when enabled, adds a layer of web filtering above the router’s firewall.

The Ai Mesh technology allows for much wider coverage by using another ASUS router to an anchor. This is ideal for a larger house or apartment with the modem and router in a less than opportune location.

While the RT-AX68U router has not had its official price listed, ASUS has stated that they are targeting a sub-$100 price point for this router. This will keep this router affordable for users looking to utilize the Ai Mesh technology or affordable for single router homes.