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Apps for Apple TV and Apple Music have suddenly appeared on the Microsoft Store for Windows

The test versions of Apple’s Music and TV applications for Windows have silently made their way to the Microsoft Store. The release comes a few months after Microsoft first said that the applications will be available for Windows 11 this year. It was The Verifier who discovered the release.

The Windows versions of the programmes are visually identical to their macOS counterparts. The Apple TV app is quite similar to the Smart TV app, allowing users to watch iTunes purchases, Apple TV+ content, and Apple TV Channels. Apple Music is almost identical to its macOS counterpart, but for the absence of a lyrics section.

A trial programme named “Apple Devices” provides access to Apple device management from a Windows PC. The programme can sync and backup your device instead of iTunes, and it also supports firmware restoration independently of iTunes.

The newest Apple applications can only be used with Windows 11 build 22621.0 or later. Apple warns that if you instal these programmes, iTunes won’t launch on your Windows computer. In order to use iTunes, users must remove the affected programmes from their devices.

Microsoft said in October that it will be incorporating Apple’s iCloud photo-sharing service into Windows 11’s Photos programme. Those who own both an iPhone and a Windows PC may access their iPhone media directly inside Photos by downloading the free iCloud for Windows programme from the Microsoft Store and enabling iCloud syncing.