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Apple TV Plus will make a bid for the Premier League’s streaming rights

Although Apple has withdrawn from the competition to offer NFL Sunday Ticket, the company still seems committed to pursuing other sports for streaming. According to a recent story in the Daily Mail, Apple is considering an offer for the Premier League’s streaming rights.

According to the rumour, Apple is actively trying to get the UK’s domestic streaming rights for Apple TV Plus. Currently, Sky Sports and BT Sport have the rights for the next three years, until 2025.

Apple’s streaming service is seeking to include sports.

Around the globe, sports broadcasts make up a significant portion of live streaming content. Apple is aiming to add sports content to Apple TV Plus as the service competes to become a major streaming platform. The company’s ultimate goal was to get the rights to broadcast Sunday NFL games that are shown nationally but not in the local area.

However, Apple has lately decided not to compete in the NFL’s streaming services. Because of the limitations that the NFL would impose, such as a hike in Apple TV Plus membership costs, the firm decided against taking up the arrangement. Apple is looking to get in on the Premier League streaming bidding battle that will start later this year.

According to the article, Apple poses “the largest threat to Sky Sports’ domination of Premier League coverage since they won exclusive rights to the league in1992,” meaning that the tech giant has the financial resources to compete with Sky.

One of the most watched series on Apple TV Plus is Ted Lasso, which is based on the sport of football (soccer in the United States). Furthermore, it has a £500,000 agreement with the Premier League to utilise logos and other official show materials. Furthermore, it has signed a $2.5 billion streaming contract with Major League Soccer for ten years.