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Apple may release 2nd generation AirPods Pro and new iPhone SE in April

AirPods ProSource: Daniel Bader / iMore

As reported by Mac Otakara, Apple may release a new generation of AirPods Pro and its iPhone SE in April of this year. While details of what might be in store for a new iPhone SE are lacking, there is some information on what might be expected for the next generation of AirPods Pro.

According to sources, the new AirPods Pro will feature a new design for the charging case. Specifically, the case will now be 46mm high and 54mm wide.

Chinese suppliers have told us that the AirPods Pro (2nd generation), which will be released in April 2021 at the same time as the iPhone SE (3rd generation), will have a new design for the charging case, which will remain 21mm thick, but will be 46mm high and 54mm wide, sources said.

The current AirPods Pro charging case is 60mm wide and a little over 45mm high, so it appears the next generation will get a little bit smaller. This will be good news for almost everyone, as many people have wished the AirPods Pro case more closely resembled the regular AirPods case.

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Apple’s next generation of AirPods Pro is expected to feature a new design that may remove the stems entirely from the earbuds. One report speculated that the new headphones could come in two sizes based on some potentially leaked components. Other reports believe that the AirPods Pro released in April could be less of an upgrade to the existing earbuds and more of an “AirPods Pro Lite” that drop the noise cancellation feature.