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Apple launches its satellite-powered SOS service for the iPhone 14 in Europe

As of Tuesday, Apple’s new satellite-based emergency service, Emergency SOS, was made available to clients in France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Users of the iPhone 14 in those nations may now contact emergency services even when they aren’t in cellular or wi-fi coverage areas. Later next year, Apple plans to roll out the service to more nations.

After debuting the feature at its Far Out event in September, iPhone manufacturer Apple finally released it last month in the United States and Canada. Any iPhone 14 with iOS 16.1 or later may use the function. If you activate a new phone now, you’ll get it for free for two years.

Accessing a satellite’s specific frequencies does not require a cumbersome antenna because to this feature’s usage of tailor-made hardware and software. In ideal conditions, users may send and receive messages in as little as 15 seconds. The functionality comes with a demo so that people may test it out before they really need it in an emergency.

The updated Find My app now also allows users to broadcast their satellite position to friends and family back home.

Apple said last month that it will invest $450 million in US infrastructure to support the new emergency function before it was even released.