Apple is working on a way to fix Face ID issues on iPhones without having to replace the entire device

This is the first time Apple has offered a replacement for the complete iPhone if Face ID fails. Since only one module is faulty, it is a waste, yet it was the technique Apple used up until this point.

MacRumors claims to have acquired an internal document from an Apple employee that suggests the company has found a solution to replace Face ID without needing to completely update the iPhone. In essence, Apple is informing all authorised technicians that a new TrueDepth Camera servicing part will be available shortly.

Rather of having to provide consumers with a new iPhone and the associated costs, this kit will include everything technicians need to replace Face ID, including the front camera modules. An Apple document explains that this will cut the amount of whole-unit repairs and assist the business meet its goal of reducing its carbon impact.

If your iPhone is no longer under warranty, this is excellent news since a module repair might be cheaper than having to replace the complete device, but we don’t know how much this module replacement will cost.