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Amazon Echo is hit by matter as interest in the issue grows

Amazon is keeping its word and adding Matter smart home standard compatibility to 17 Echo devices right now, with more to come.

The Echo Show 10, the Echo Show 15, the Echo Studio, and the fourth-generation Echo Dot with clock are just a handful of the devices that are compatible with this skill. After installing this update, all of the aforementioned items will function as a hub from which you can manage additional Matter-compatible smart devices via Android, much to what Google has just done. According to the news release, Echo devices, in contrast to Google’s, will only be able to connect with one another over Wi-Fi and not Thread (opens in new tab). According to Amazon, it is testing the waters by adding compatibility for the most popular products first, such as smart lamps, plugs, and switches. The business continues, saying it cares about providing “a smooth and high-quality experience…” for its clients.

Constant help

Matter has only been out for a little over two months as of this writing, thus there aren’t that many gadgets that adhere to the standard and can be controlled by it. Examples of such products are Philips Hue’s Festavia string lights and Eve’s Door & Window contact sensor, both of which are part of the company’s suite of smart home accessories. Even if Matter won’t be supported, users will still be able to manage the more than 30,000 gadgets that participate in the Works with Alexa initiative.