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All users now have access to YouTube’s new homescreen widgets

Many of Google’s own applications, as well as some third-party apps, began to take widget design more seriously after the company’s Material You revamp. While some people continued their longtime interest in widgets, others discovered them for the first time. Indeed, there’s no reason why not. After all, they can facilitate the entry into and navigation of apps. They can also do so while looking attractive, because of Android’s recently added ability to have a uniform theme throughout the whole operating system. You can now join YouTube and the rest of the throng dancing with widgets.

YouTube has been experimenting out a few of new widgets for the home screen for the past month, but if you want to watch videos in a dedicated viewport from the home screen, you’ll still need to use picture-in-picture. These widgets are only fast cuts to the program’s most frequently used features and do not replace the app itself.

We have two widgets altogether; one is a simple search bar, and the other inserts a row of four shortcuts under the search bar. It seems that the search bar will always be visible.

In case you’re truly worried about what TikTok is doing to your data, you can quickly access Shorts, subscriptions, your library (which contains your favourite videos and other playlists), and your home page from the button bar of the fast action widget.

Compared to its previous iteration, the widget no longer features a microphone button, which effectively disables voice search.