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A toggle thathows you the price inclusive of all fees is being introduced by Airbnb

Instead of displaying a per-night charge, Airbnb will now give you the option to see the whole cost of your stay, including all fees and taxes. As a result, you won’t have to go away from the confirmation page to learn about additional costs, such those for cleaning and servicing.

This upgrade was announced in November, and is now being made accessible to users through a toggle. If you toggle this on, the search results will be sorted based on the total cost of your stay (before taxes). As a result, hotels charging cheap nightly rates but exorbitant cleaning costs won’t be shown first.

One can wonder why it isn’t the norm to display the costs up front. This month, Airbnb explained to TechCrunch that the opt-in search approach “allows us to inform guests as to this change, without generating extra confusion.” Since some customers have come to rely on seeing the nightly pricing in their searches, the firm is wary of making a quick transition to the new search criteria. Airbnb has said that it intends to make all-inclusive price the default setting in the next year, despite the fact that it now offers a toggle in early access.

After releasing a slew of host tools only last month, Airbnb has announced that it would be adding additional pricing and discounting options for hosts in the new year. The firm claims this will allow owners of listed properties to more effectively compete via pricing.

The firm also plans to enhance the checkout process by offering hosts with recommendations on how to be “fair” in their duties.

Guests should not be expected to do excessive cleaning duties upon departure, such as stripping the bedding, washing laundry, or vacuuming. It said, “We understand that visitors may feel uncomfortable being asked to clean up after themselves, but we believe it is appropriate to request that they do so, just as they would when leaving their own house.

However, Airbnb does not specify how it intends to monitor hosts and visitors to ensure compliance with these policies. Users of Airbnb have long griped about the exorbitant cleaning costs some hosts charge and the lengthy checklists of things to do before checking out. The corporation is beginning to address some of these issues today.

On the other hand, CEO Brian Chesky is anxious to avoid a “supply-constrained period,” so he’s putting a lot of effort into recruiting more hosts to the platform. Last month, the business introduced a new initiative that helps tenants locate Airbnb-friendly flats in certain regions.