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A new three-wheeled vehicle from Rad Power is called the Rad Trike

Normal electric bicycles are sufficient for the vast majority of riders. Some people, however, feel that a bike with only two wheels can’t replace their automobile, therefore they don’t switch to e-bikes.

The good news is that they can now make use of a specialised product. A three-wheeled electric bike, the new Rad Power Rad Trike is the company’s response to customer demand. In place of conventional automobiles, it is intended to serve in this role. Use me instead of your automobile is written all over it.

The electric bike’s staggering payload capacity of 415 pounds is undoubtedly its most remarkable quality. That’s plenty of room for you and your large backpack, plus the groceries, lunches, and other items you normally keep in your car.

The Rad Trike has a unique reverse feature compared to other e-bikes. It’s activated by pressing a button on the grip’s left side. The standard Rad Power throttle is located on the right and allows you to go ahead without using the pedals. The standard five-level pedal assist (PAS) technology seen on other Rad Power bicycles is also included here.

A vehicle of this type should not be left exposed to the elements without protection. The Trike’s narrow width allows it to pass through most standard external doors, making it easy to store when the rider has to bring it inside. The bike also partially folds down to make storage even more practical.

According to Rad Power, the Rad Trike has a range of between 20 and 35 miles per charge. However, if you’re willing to put in some effort and peddle the bike, you can get even more out of the Rad City 5 Plus than Rad Power claims.