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A “fully customizable” mechanical keyboard will be produced, according to OnePlus

Even while it is best known for its smartphones, OnePlus has branched out into other sectors including headphones, smartwatches, and even televisions. However, in an effort to diversify its product line, the corporation has decided to develop a new mechanical keyboard.

After announcing a new collaboration, OnePlus and Keychron, a prominent maker of mechanical keyboards, have released an official statement. The new venture will purportedly use Keychron technology to create a “totally customised” keyboard.

According to OnePlus, its decision to go into the mechanical keyboard industry was based on what its community desired. The maker claims to have polled its customer base many times and gotten the consensus that a keyboard is the next logical step.

OnePlus has announced that it would be producing a mechanical keyboard, but the company has been cagey about giving any information. The extent to which its keyboard may be modified is, however, unclear. Can you swap out the OnePlus’s housing and mounting plate, among other parts, if you so choose? Do we get more customization options than just different keycaps and switches?

However, it does not seem like we will be waiting too long for more details. The business’s website announces that further information will be made accessible on December 15.

In addition, OnePlus announced that its new computer monitor will be available beginning on December 12. Like with the keyboard, the business didn’t reveal anything beyond the monitor’s delivery date.