Zoom Prepares for a Lot of Ads

The video conferencing software Zoom has announced its intention to offer advertising to free users of its software in order to support investment and continue providing free access to the platform.

Last year, when employees all over the world made the transition to working from home, the video conferencing service grew rapidly as its user base expanded from mostly consisting of business users to include a significant number of individual consumers.

Now, with organizations adopting hybrid work policies, more people are going back to the office and using video chats less frequently during the day.

While Zoom’s age may not be over yet, the business is shifting strategies when it comes to free users. It’s also worth noting that for free Zoom users, group calls have a 40-minute time limit, which might entice some individuals to upgrade to their paid subscriptions.

The advertiser-supported program for the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Zoom is rolling out a test advertising program for its Basic users, according to chief marketing officer Janine Pelosi.

Ads will be shown to free users using Zoom’s video conferencing software in a browser after their meeting has ended if they participate in the new initiative.

Only users from particular nations who participate in meetings hosted by other Basic members will see these advertisements, but the company did not clarify which countries would be included in its pilot advertising campaign.

Zoom is adding advertising to its platform for free users, but in a manner that is non-intrusive and unlikely to ruin their meetings.

The ad will appear on Zoom’s website after the meeting has ended, with a link below the ad recommending that users “upgrade to remove ads.”

Pelosi also mentioned that the firm would not utilize meeting, webinar, or messaging content such as audio, video files, or messages for any marketing purposes.