If it wasn’t already easy enough to spend the entire day watching random crap on YouTube, it’s just gotten a little bit easier. YouTube.com now has voice input, and it can be used to dictate search queries and navigate through the interface.

The voice input is as easy to use as in any other Google product; just hit the mic button next to the search bar. You will have to enable the microphone permission the first time, but after that, one click of the button is all it takes for YouTube to start listening. You can pause and resume the mic by pressing the big mic button at the bottom of the prompt if needed.

As 9to5Google notes, the prompt is clever enough to understand natural language commands; for instance, saying “play cat videos” will cause a cat video compilation to automatically start playing. This can also be used to navigate the YouTube interface. You can ask YouTube to show you your subscriptions, your watch history, and your library.

The feature is live now on YouTube.com, regardless of whether you’re signed into a Google account or not. Feel free to try it out, but try not to get suckered into the endless time-waster that is YouTube.