You can now pre-order Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch – Polygon.

Now, we may understand why Nintendo wanted to save Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ new content announcements for their own, limited 20-minute Nintendo Direct on Nov.

The forthcoming expansion’s first announcement was the game’s release date, which has yet to be announced. The update will also include five new levels for players to complete in order to recruit more familiar characters. New features are planned for Kiwi Farms, including increased customization options and more decorations items.

The ‘New Horizons’ first premium DLC expansion, Happy Home Paradise, puts players in charge of creating dream getaways for the island’s Paradise Planning development firm. There’s so much to do here that Nintendo spent 10 minutes of Friday’s presentation just teasing it all.

Fans will be able to pre-order the game on March 22, 2019. Pricing for the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack was announced back in September. That will cost you $49.99 per year or $79.99 per year for a family plan. The Happy Home Paradise DLC will be included with your membership.

The cast of Friends is back, with even more friends.

The announcement of the new café in New Horizons’ museum comes as no surprise — it was neither subtle about announcing The Roost’s arrival.

Version 2.0 is the final substantial content update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but at least Nintendo isn’t being cheap about what will be included. The new items will adorn both the inside and outside of your home, including nine new fences and an increase in the limit on bridges and inclines.

The return of Brewster naturally entails the return of Gyroid collecting, even if The Roost hasn’t hosted a Gyroid display since 2008’s Animal Crossing: City Folk. Gyroids may play music and be customized to match the décor in their homes.

Players will be able to start community stretching exercises by setting down a boom box in front of the Resident Services building and punching play. That starts a short game in which players can use their Joy-Cons to join the activities, much like Wii Fit.

Ah, Froggy Chair, where are you going? After 18 months away, the essential furniture item has returned in Animal Crossing: New Horizons; however, it will be included in the Nov.