With its futuristic appearance, this Dolby Atmos soundbar tailors audio for your house

Due to its support for Dolby Atmos and room calibration, Devialet’s new soundbar may be a viable alternative to the Sonos Arc.

Most soundbars have a similar appearance, but Devialet’s Dione pulls influence from the company’s prior line of space age-style wireless speakers to create an eye-catching design.

Designed to maintain perfect front-facing calibration, the new Dolby Atmos soundbar’s centre channel is an orb-shaped device (fans of the Devialet Phantom I speaker will recognise the spherical design). The orb on the soundbar directs sound directly to your ears, whether you position it flat against your wall or behind your TV.

The orb in the middle of the soundbar incorporates a gyroscopic sensor that detects the location of the soundbar and modulates the audio output in response to this movement.

You may use Devialet Dione’s app to scan your space for a tailored sound, much as with the Sonos Arc.

Because the soundbar will know which surfaces to bounce sound off of, Dolby Atmos audio should sound especially convincing via the soundbar.

Upfiring drivers, claims Devialet, will send sound upwards, even if your soundbar is placed on the wall.

Even if you’re not viewing any Atmos video, you may still get a sense of spatial audio owing to the company’s SPACE technology, which upmixes sources into 5.1.2-channel sound..

It’s time to push it hard

The Devialet Dione has eight subwoofers and nine aluminium full-range speakers, so its sound should be rather strong. In order to create “strong, deep bass whatever the level,” Devialet’s push-push technology is used in these subwoofers, which do not need an additional subwoofer.

Each of the four available listening modes has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. While Voice Mode is meant to make podcasts and news programmes crisper, the Movie and Spatial modes use the SPACE algorithm to turn stereo information into multichannel audio. Finally, the Music mode eliminates all spatialization effects in order to “faithfully mimic a stereo setup.”

What about interoperability? As long as you don’t mind a more complicated setup, you’ll be covered by HDMI 2.1 eARC, optical, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, UPnP and Bluetooth 5.

With all of this in mind, the Devialet Dione is a compelling option to the greatest soundbars currently on the market. However, its high price tag may deter budget-conscious moviegoers from seeing it.

The Devialet Dione will cost $2,400 / £1,990 when it goes on sale in April; Australian pricing has not yet been announced, but it works out to around AU$3,200.

With wireless speakers costing as much as $3,200 / £2,790 / AU$5,490 from Devialet, the brand has never been a cheap basement option. There are cheaper options like the Sonos Arc and Samsung HW-Q950A. The Devialet will only appeal to individuals who already like the Devialet look and quality. This is because of the higher price.