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visionOS Now Transforms 3D Images into Immersive Spatial Photos

Apple has updated the operating software for the Apple Vision Pro, visionOS, adding a host of new features that were unveiled at its live WWDC keynote. These updates aim to enhance user experience and functionality, making the Vision Pro even more versatile and user-friendly.

The most significant update in visionOS 2 is the introduction of spatial photos, which add depth to 2D images. When the Vision Pro was first released earlier this year, this technology was limited to videos. Now, spatial photos will allow users to explore beyond the frames of an image by simply moving their heads, providing a more immersive viewing experience. This feature gives users a wider perspective, letting them see more from the right and left sides of the original image.

A new way to share these spatial photos with friends and family has also been introduced. The SharePlay feature in the Photos app allows users to view content simultaneously and discuss it in real-time, thanks to the integration of the headset’s avatar personas. This makes sharing vacation photos and other memories a much more interactive and engaging experience.

Additionally, visionOS 2 brings enhanced gestural control options. Users can now hold up their hands and tap to open the home view, flip their hands over to access time and battery details, and another tap will bring up Control Center and quick access to notifications.

Later this year, visionOS 2 will introduce improvements for those who use the AVP for screen-mirroring. The resolution is being upgraded, and a new wraparound ultrawide option will simulate the experience of having two 4K monitors placed side by side.

Travel mode is also receiving an update, with support for train travel. This means the algorithm will now account for the typical bumps experienced on subways or long-distance train rides, allowing users to continue using the headset without interruptions.

For developers, new APIs are being introduced, including one for tabletop apps and another for advanced volumetric images. Additionally, a new lens for the Canon EOS R6 digital camera will enable filmmakers to create immersive video experiences specifically for the Vision Pro headset.

While this software update may not be revolutionary, the addition of these features makes using the Vision Pro more appealing. However, the device still carries a hefty price tag of $3,500, which may be a consideration for potential buyers.

Overall, these updates reflect Apple’s commitment to improving the user experience and expanding the capabilities of the Vision Pro, making it a more attractive option for consumers and developers alike.

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