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Twitter’s dual-timeline “For You” and “Following” views are now available online

Twitter is upgrading its online interface to mirror its iOS app, which now shows both algorithmic and chronological timelines side by side.

This week, the business changed the names of its algorithmic timeline, “Home,” and its chronological timeline, “Latest,” to “For You” and “Following,” respectively. Both the iOS app and the online version have been updated so that the “For You” timeline loads first.

When using a mobile device, you can quickly navigate between timelines by swiping left and right; on a computer, you’ll need to click on the tabs at the top of the timeline. The good news is that Twitter appears to remember user preferences, at least in the online version. This means that your chosen timeline will persist even if the user closes and reopens the tab or window containing Twitter.

According to Twitter’s statement, this perspective will soon be available on the Android app as well. Everyone has their own algorithmic timeline!

If you use Twitter lists, you’ll appreciate the new web version since it makes switching between your pinned lists much simpler. In the past, you had to go to More > Lists in order to see your lists online. That’s a lot of work.

On Friday, a widespread bug began affecting third-party Twitter clients, rendering them useless to their users. The creators of these applications claim they reached out to Twitter but received no response. The issue persists at the time of this writing.