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Twitter lays off employees in public policy, engineering

Even though Twitter has already laid off thousands of workers, the process is still ongoing. Twitter slashed half of its public policy staff, according to remarks made on Twitter and LinkedIn by a former employee.

On Friday, Twitter sent emails to certain infrastructure engineers terminating their employment. Since Elon Musk became the company’s owner in October, it’s believed that around 75% of Twitter’s workers have either opted to quit or have been let go.

Theodora Skedas, a public policy worker who announced her termination on social media, said that she was in charge of overseeing the Trust and Safety Council, which was disbanded last week.

The organisation, which was established in 2016, offered opinions on matters of content moderation and human rights, including the removal of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), preventing suicide, and online safety. Skedas also worked on CSAM and mental health policy development.

After three major members quit and issued an open letter, the Trust and Safety Council was disbanded a few days later.

Contrary to Elon Musk’s statements, the safety and wellness of Twitter users are declining, the letter said. “We are announcing our resignation from Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council,” it read.

The remaining members of the council, which was made up of around 100 independent scholars and activists, were informed that the organisation will be disbanded since it was no longer the most effective way for Twitter to get outside perspective.

Although Musk has said that fixing the CSAM problem is “priority #1,” he has not yet taken any concrete steps to make good on that promise. Additionally, he earlier promised a group of human rights groups that he wouldn’t reinstate banned users unless there was an open procedure for doing so, but he breached that assurance.