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7 Best Tv Riser For Soundbars for 2024

Are you tired of straining your neck to see your TV screen, or maybe you’re fed up with the underwhelming sound quality from your TV’s built-in speakers? We understand the struggle, and that’s why we’re here to guide you through the world of TV risers, specifically designed to elevate your home entertainment experience in 2024.

Imagine a scenario where you can comfortably watch your favorite movies, sports, or TV shows with crystal-clear audio that rivals a theater experience. Envision a clutter-free setup with no messy cables in sight, and a stylish addition to your living room that complements your decor seamlessly.

At, we recognize the pain points faced by home theater enthusiasts, soundbar users, and TV owners alike. We’ve honed our expertise in home audio setups and TV accessories to provide you with a curated list of the best TV risers for soundbars in 2024. Our search intent is clear: to help you find the perfect solution to elevate your TV and soundbar, enhancing both your viewing angle and audio quality.

Whether you’re looking to save space, improve sound immersion, or simply give your entertainment area a makeover, our comprehensive guide has you covered. We understand the importance of rapport, and our mission is to assist you in making an informed choice that elevates your home entertainment to new heights. Say goodbye to frustrating TV audio and hello to the best TV riser for soundbars in 2024 – your ticket to a cinematic experience within the comfort of your home.

1. WALI Tempered Glass Monitor Riser Desktop Stand Height

We handpicked the WALI Tempered Glass Monitor Riser as our top choice for the best TV riser for soundbars in 2024 because it offers a winning combination of style, functionality, and ergonomic design. Crafted from durable tempered glass, this riser not only elevates your TV or soundbar to an optimal viewing height but also adds a touch of modern elegance to your entertainment setup.

What sets it apart is its flexibility – with adjustable stainless-steel legs, you can fine-tune the height between 3 to 3.5 inches, ensuring a comfortable viewing position. Plus, it tilts up to 15 degrees, reducing strain on your neck and back.

Besides its practicality, it provides extra space underneath for storage, helping you keep your workspace organized. With a weight capacity of up to 44lbs, it accommodates a variety of monitors, laptops, or soundbars. Elevate your entertainment experience with this sleek and versatile TV riser from WALI, backed by friendly US-based customer support, available seven days a week.

2. Across-Star Dual-Monitor-Stand-Riser-For-Desk Adjustable

Our choice for the second spot on our list of the best TV risers for soundbars in 2024 goes to the Across-Star Dual-Monitor Stand Riser for Desk. What sets this riser apart is its incredible flexibility. With an adjustable length ranging from 32 to 40 inches, it adapts to your workspace and accommodates screens of various sizes.

Not only does it create an organized and tidy workspace by freeing up room for your keyboard and other essentials, but it also promotes ergonomic comfort. By elevating your dual monitors to eye level, it reduces strain on your back, neck, and eyes, enhancing your overall viewing experience.

Crafted from durable materials, including scratch-resistant wood and sturdy metal, it can support up to 70 lbs without sagging or wobbling. Assembly is a breeze, with all hardware included. Whether you need a monitor stand, printer stand, laptop riser, or even a TV stand, this multifunctional desk riser has got you covered. Elevate your productivity and comfort with the Across-Star Dual-Monitor Stand Riser for Desk.

3. Monoprice Large Multimedia Desktop Stand

For our third pick on the list of the best TV risers for soundbars in 2024, we’ve selected the Monoprice Large Multimedia Desktop Stand. This elegant glass shelf, measuring 30.8″ x 11.0″, not only provides an extra shelf for your desktop but also allows you to elevate your monitor to a comfortable viewing height.

What makes this stand stand out is its impressive weight capacity of 80 lbs, ensuring it can handle even larger screens and multiple monitors with ease. Monoprice is known for delivering high-quality products at reasonable prices, and this desktop stand is no exception.

Plus, you can count on their exceptional customer support, with a team of friendly and knowledgeable technicians ready to assist you before and after your purchase. Elevate your workspace and multimedia experience with the Monoprice Large Multimedia Desktop Stand.

4. ECHOGEAR Universal Large Stand

At the fourth spot on our list of the best TV risers for soundbars in 2024, we present the ECHOGEAR Universal Large Stand. If you’re looking to enhance the stability of your TV setup, this stand is here to save the day. It accommodates TVs up to a whopping 77 inches and can support up to 100lbs of screen goodness.

One of its standout features is its height adjustability, giving you up to 8.5 inches of flexibility to fit your large TV and a soundbar comfortably. The addition of rubber pads not only keeps your TV securely in place but also prevents scratches on your furniture.

As an eco-conscious choice, ECHOGEAR plants a tree for every TV stand sold, making it a win for your home and the planet. With ECHOGEAR pros available 7 days a week for assistance, this stand offers both peace of mind and stability for your TV setup. Elevate your viewing experience with the ECHOGEAR Universal Large Stand.

5. Perlegear TV Stand Steel TV Legs for Most 37–80 Inch Flat or Curved TVs up to 99 lbs

Claiming the fifth spot on our list of the best TV risers for soundbars in 2024 is the Perlegear TV Stand with Steel TV Legs. This stand is all about providing robust and reliable support for your large flat or curved TV, with the capacity to hold up to 99 lbs. Its 15-inch heavy-duty steel feet and support pillar guarantee wobble-free stability.

Designed to accommodate a wide range of TVs, from 37 to 80 inches, it boasts VESA pattern compatibility from 200 x 200mm to 800 x 400mm. With four height configurations, it offers flexibility to improve your viewing comfort and reduce strain on your neck and back.

What sets this stand apart is its thoughtful design, including soundbar isolation pads to minimize vibration and wire clips for cable management. Plus, assembly is a breeze with included instructions and hardware—no drilling required. Elevate your TV experience with the Perlegear TV Stand.

6. YAOHUOO Dual Monitor Stand Riser

For our sixth pick in the lineup of the best TV risers for soundbars in 2024, we have the YAOHUOO Dual Monitor Stand Riser. This robust stand offers a spacious 33.5″ x 10.2″ surface, providing ample room for not one but two monitors, laptops, or even your TV.

Built for stability, its heavy-duty steel legs can handle a maximum weight capacity of up to 100 pounds, ensuring your valuable devices are securely supported. Non-slip pads on each leg protect your desk from scratches, maintaining its pristine condition.

Beyond its role as a monitor stand, this versatile riser doubles as an organizational shelf, offering extra space for your keyboard and accessories. By elevating your screens to ergonomic heights, it also helps alleviate neck pain. Plus, with quick and easy assembly, you’ll have it set up in just 10 minutes. Elevate your workspace with the YAOHUOO Dual Monitor Stand Riser.

7. WALI Universal TV Stand 55 inch TV, TV Stand Mount

At the seventh spot on our list of the best TV risers for soundbars in 2024 is the WALI Universal TV Stand. Designed to accommodate TVs ranging from 22″ to 65″, this stand boasts a sturdy construction capable of supporting up to 110 lbs. Its versatile mounting holes, spanning from 75x75mm to 800x500mm, ensure compatibility with various TV sizes.

What sets this stand apart is its multi-adjustable feature, offering two levels of height adjustment for optimal viewing flexibility. Plus, the soft pads on its 3mm feet prevent any unwanted floor or cabinet surface scratches.

With a straightforward two-step installation process and all the necessary hardware included, you’ll have your TV securely mounted in no time. Elevate your TV experience with the WALI Universal TV Stand.