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TikTok is no longer allowed on government-issued devices, and the Kansas governor fears that this could lead to a nationwide ban

The app TikTok was dealt a serious blow in the United States when employees were told to remove it from all House-issued mobile devices. The governor of Kansas has issued an identical prohibition. It’s possible that the software may be outlawed on all government-issued smartphones, and other states are considering passing laws along the same lines.

In addition to California, 19 other states have now banned TikTok from all government-issued devices. Due to claims of spying on US people and tampering with American elections, TikTok may be banned for all users in the US.

This would imply that neither the Representative nor any of his or her staff members would be able to use TikTok on any of the official devices provided by the House or the Senate. In Kansas, the state government has decided that no government worker at any level may use the social media app on their official mobile devices.

The local governments of 19 states have already banned TikTok on government-owned gadgets because to security concerns.

In fact, some state governments are debating whether or not to outright prohibit the app, even on employees’ own devices.

According to reports, Catherine L Szpindor, the House’s top administrative officer, has issued a rule that prevents the popular social media app from being installed on House-provided devices moving forward. House workers are strictly forbidden from installing the TikTok app on any official House-issued mobile devices, according to an internal document. You will be instructed to delete the TikTok app from any House-owned mobile devices, the message said.

There have been growing concerns that the TikTok app is being used to spy on American citizens and that China has attempted to influence American elections using the app, so earlier this month, Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher introduced a bill in the Senate and House of Representatives seeking a nationwide ban on TikTok. TikTok apparently just fired four staffers this week for spying on journalists in the United States.

TikTok has always stated that its handling of user data is not cause for concern because it does not store user information in China and does not exchange user information with the Chinese authorities.