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This year’s BGMI was outlawed in July. Will there be a battle royale this year?

Before it was prohibited, PUBG Mobile was among the most played games in India, regardless of platform. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), after being updated for the Indian market, was also the most played battle royale game in the nation until it was banned for having unclear ties to the Chinese government.

As of this year’s conclusion, BGMI might theoretically be revived, according to reports. There have been no announcements or hints from Krafton or anybody else in the game publishing business that the game is being readied for a relaunch. Credit for Picture Going to: Krafton

The software was quietly taken down from the Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store in July of this year. It wasn’t until September that the game was officially banned in India.

The game is rumoured to be returning shortly, this time with new publishers and a whole new look, and it will once again be accessible in India. Some have speculated that before the end of the year, BGMI will rebrand and relaunch in the nation.

Krafton, the South Korean game publisher that had produced PUBG Mobile before severing relations with Tencent, is expected to relaunch the game under a new, India-specific subsidiary. If the game is to be relaunched in India, it will require servers and data to be stored within the country’s boundaries. Krafton had already agreed to this before PUBG was released, when the game was still known as BGMI.

The release of the game by the end of the year would necessitate some type of formal announcement or teaser at the absolute least, and we haven’t seen either. Since we haven’t seen anything to indicate otherwise, we can safely conclude that the relaunch of BGMI will occur somewhere around the middle of 2023.